Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 29

The insight lab is now nearly empty because all of the REU students are gone. And there was no coffee-time :( I spent the morning working on my powerpoint and applying what I learned from the undergrad presentations last Friday to my own powerpoint. I went through what I've done with my presentation so far with Evelyn and she helped me identify what I need to improve on. For lunch, Bethany took us out to cross-roads with a prospective student who she was giving a tour too.

In the afternoon, I made of table of information (That Rudy got from the extracted spectra) about T Cha and it's two possible companions. It includes the extinction, temp in keV and MK, confidence range, observed flux, actual flux, distance in kpc and cm, and x-ray luminosity. Basically, we want the x-ray luminosity to be around 10^29 to 10^30 erg/s, because that means the star is more likely to be young. Using the spectra, we found that T-Cha's x-ray luminosity is 10^30 erg/s, RX J1158.5-7913's is 10^31 erg/s, and the unknown star's is 10^29 erg/s. T-Cha's and RXJ's higher luminosities could be due to flares which are common in young stars. To determine this, Rudy extracted the light curves of the stars. It seems as though T Cha and RXJ are showing some flaring, but it is not totally clear. The unknown star's light curve is pretty flat. He is going to try to extract a more clear light curve. I would post a pic of the light curves on here but it is a pdf and I'm not really sure how . . .you will have to wait until my presentation!

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