Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 21

Today I worked on finding out if the stars I found last week are emitting x-rays. First I open (into ds9) the x-ray images of the binary star with each of the three instruments (MOS1, MOS2, pn) that has the longest exposure time. Then, I make regions with radius's of about 20 arcsec using the coordinates of the possible companion stars, or co-moving stars, I obtained last week. It's pretty exciting too see which ones are emitting x-rays, and how bright they are. I've discovered that while all of the binary stars are emitting x-rays, only some of the possible companion stars are, and they are much fainter than the binary star. I didn't find any x-ray emitting, co-moving stars to MP Mus.  . . .and while TW Hya (binary) is bright in x-rays, TWA 28 (its definite companion star) does not seem to be emitting any. I'm not exactly sure what these x-ray observations tell us about whether or not these stars I found could be companion stars to the binary, and unfortunately Joel is not here to tell me. I will have to wait for him to email me back.

For lunch I watched a movie about the Dyson guy and how he designed all of his awesome vacuums and other household appliances. I kinda want to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner now. Afterwards, I went to hang out at Prati and Liz's lab for a little while. They had to use a dongle for something . ..but we all couldn't stop laughing about the name of it the whole time. Afterwards I continued working on the x-ray observations!

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