Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 25

In the morning I worked a little bit more on my powerpoint. It was pouring when we went to coffee time but thankfully Matt let me use his make-shift frisbee (aka paper plate) as an umbrella. I couldn't resist a strawberry-mango smoothie today . . .they are so good!

In the afternoon I worked on trying to find the bolometric luminosities of T-Cha and it's two possible companions that are bright in X-rays. However, one of the stars we could not find in SIMBAD or in other published papers, which means that it hasn't been observed before. I'm not sure if this poses a problem though, I think that we can find out the bolometric luminosity from it's extracted spectrum. Anyways, I ended up finding two useful scientific papers and made a table of information for each. In one paper, I discovered pictures of extracted spectra for some stars and Rudy started to explain to me a little bit about how they name each spectra. I think I might spend some time tomorrow learning more in depth about this, it sounds interesting.

Today I also compared the 2mass mags (J, H, and K mag) and colors (J-K mag) of the regions in T-Cha and MP Mus (that aren't emitting x-rays) with the brown dwarf TWA 28 (companion to TW Hya). If any of the possible companion stars to T-Cha or MP Mus have similar characteristics to TWA 28, this could mean that they are not emitting x-rays because they are in fact a brown dwarf, and not because they are too old to be a companion star. Although none of the regions have exactly the same 2mass mags or color of TWA 28, some come close, but I will have to talk to Rudy or Joel to see how close they have to be.

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