Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26

Today I finished comparing the 2mass magnitudes and colors of the regions in T-Cha and MP Mus to the brown dwarf TWA 28. We plotted a graph of J-K vs. H-K to try and see if any of the regions could be brown dwarfs but apparently this method won't work unless I am sure that the stars are young stars. So instead, I started to record fluxes found at different microns for the coordinates of the regions, using HEASARC. I searched for observations made of these coordinates in the Rosat, Akari, Iras, Galex, Usno B1, and 2mass missions. Then I recorded the fluxes for the results that had an offset of  >1 arcmin from one of the coordinates. In addition, I also recorded the observation #, offset, count rate, and count rate error of observations that were returned without any recorded fluxes. In the end, the hope is to make a spectra graph that will show where the regions in MP Mus and T Cha peak. This will tell us more about what kind of star it is and what its temperature is. Also Rudy gave me an 11 page paper to read! Better get started on that . . .

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