Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 24

Today I went back into Topcat and re-downloaded the 2mass, UCAC3 and PPMXL tables for V4046 sgr. Then I located the GSC0739 and made sure its coordinates (273.59196  -32.76948) showed up in my final result. I ended up having to increase the pmDE (proper motion declination) by a few mas/year. Then I typed in each region's coordinates into ds9 that I found for the UCAC3 and PPMXL lists. It was tedious work, but they are much better results.

Today Rudy came back and he is going to extract the spectra of the bright, red, low-mass stars that I've found so that we can get more information about them. He said tomorrow he will explain to me what we can tell from the spectrum of a star. Afterwards, I continued working on my powerpoint presentation, and I realized I forgot to save all of the regions that I had previously typed into ds9 in the morning! I had simply saved an image of v4046 sgr with the regions without saving. So then I went back through and typed them in again, making sure I saved them this time!

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