Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 18

This morning, I read a paper on finding nearby, young, low-mass stars. It was interesting and it will help me with what I'm working on now. The process described in the paper for finding the stars is very similar to what I'm doing, except it is much more in-depth and they use UV's instead of X-ray's. I also learned a lot from the paper too like the difference between the proper motion, radial velocity, and space velocity of a star, which confused me for awhile.

Coffee time was quite amusing today. Evelyn and I insisted on going even though it was down pouring . . .we got soaked on the way there! Of course, it completely stopped raining five minutes after we arrived. Anyways, neither Matt, Evelyn or I had enough money to buy anything on our own, so we pooled our change to buy a cookie. After our cookie, we were all craving milk but a small glass cost two dollars and we only had 1.75. So we played the trivia game where if you win, you get half off your drink, but if you lose you have to put 50 cents into the tip jar. Luckily, the cashier felt bad for us and gave us a hint as to what the right answer was, so we were able to buy a glass of milk, success! The cookout was really fun today and we got to eat outside because it wasn't raining. In the afternoon, I started compiling slides and images that I want to incorporate into my final project.

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