Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 17

Today Joel informed me that V4046 Sgr and T Cha were not present in the final lists of possible companion stars that I sent him. I went back through the process on Topcat and ended up increasing the proper motion parameters to +/- 15 km/s instead of +/- 10 km/s for V4046 Sgr, and increasing the J-K magnitude parameters to .8 - 2.1 for T Cha. Joel also informed me that the companion star that we should find for TW Hya, which is called TWA 28 (brown dwarf), was not present in the final list either. I investigated and realized that TWA 28 is not in the UCAC3 table that I downloaded. Therefore, we will have to use only the PPMXL table for TW Hya so that TWA 28 is present.

For lunch today, Evelyn, Kelsey and I went to eat on these giant stairs we found in Global Village. Well, they aren't really stairs but they are right next to a staircase and look very similar to it besides for being 10 times bigger. In the afternoon, after completing what I explained above, I attended a talk about the history of imaging. I thought it was very interesting to see how imaging has evolved throughout time, because it has many practical applications in the world today.

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